Ricardo Gil

All those who know Ricardo are inspired by him and by the way he works.

He speaks honesty with conviction and applies it to the clients, the products and his employees who are lead by his wife, Marķa Pilar Vicente.

Just one conversation with him, especially if it is about the role of vegetables in gastronomy, is enough to discover his interests, his natural optimism and his commitment to using the produce from his land.

He has highlighted the importance of the vegetables grown in Navarra. He extracts all their potential and respects their natural qualities; he has managed to give them the space that they deserve.

So much so, that Ricardo is now working on three projects, which are similar in the way that the Ribera vegetables are given the leading roles on the menu, and different with regard to their location: Restaurante 33 in Tudela, Casa Lac in Zaragoza and La huerta de Tudela, Green & More in Madrid.

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Restaurante 33