It all started in 1952 in the Gallur station snack bar, where Ricardo’s grandfather cooked his recipes. His father, who was still a child, helped him in the business for years and when he was 23 he decided to put into practice everything that he had learnt in Tudela.

This is where Ricardo’s parents set up the Club 33: they choose this name because at that time it was fashionable to use the word Club, as it conveyed something different. Then they added a number to it, which was something quite usual in those days.

History repeated itself one generation later, when Ricardo began to help his parents very early on in life. Little by little he started to realise that it wasn’t just a job, it was a way of life, one that he loved. So when the opportunity arose, he took control of the business and one of his first decisions was to keep the original name of the restaurant: the 33, in honour of his parents.

Together with Marķa Pilar, his wife, they thought it would be a good idea to carry on serving the very same dishes that had helped position them as connoisseurs of cuisine from Navarra.

However they still wanted to progress:
By implementing new strategies such as setting up a network of local farmers who supply them with local produce every morning.
Demanding top quality and freshness from all their suppliers.
Carrying out research work on how to handle and cook vegetables in such a way that they obtain completely new textures and flavours.

Having laid the foundations, they then embarked upon the first complete refurbishment of the Restaurant with just one single objective in mind: convey the passion they feel for their profession, and seeing as they spend the majority of their time there, create a space that is both a workplace and their home.

Their dream is to make their clients perceive this way of life that they have created, their love for detail and they want to make them feel part of it.

At this point Marķa Pilar took over the restaurant, coordinating the confectionary team, whilst Ricardo focused on the daily ins and outs of the kitchen, with the ongoing creation of new dishes that are made using innovative techniques.

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Restaurante 33